2023 Naracoorte Shorthorn Invitational Sale


Thursday 16th March – Pathfinder Complex, Naracoorte
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Lot 12 – Trojon Slim Shady TRJS45

SOLD $8,000

Bred in the purple out of the Grand Champion cow at Ekka 2022. First son to be offered from this cow. Sired by sale topper at Sprys.


Lot 14 –  Snake Creek Superman SCSS20

SOLD $15,000

Both sire and dam are extremely easy doing and always in top condition. Superman is very commercial focussed. Top 5% Marbling, top 15% EMA and API.


Lot 19 – Ronelle Park Sparrow RJJS7

SOLD $42,000

Top 1% for WW & YW, 4% for REA and 10% for Marbling. His raw data off grass at 13 months of age was 8/5/108/6.6


Lot 20 – Ronelle Park Supernova RJJS93

SOLD $16,000

Top 1% WW, 1% YW, 1% REA. This young bull is thick and soft and certainly has sire outlook all over!



Lot 21 – Ronelle Park Sweepstakes (RJJS95)

SOLD $6,000

Top 3% WW, 1%YW and 2% REA. Would be a potential sire to assist in breeding good replacement heifers and heavy feeder steers.


Lot 22 – Ronelle Park Sunrise (RJJS76)

SOLD $12,000

Top 4% WW, 2% YW and 1% Marbling. If you are looking to produce big heavy yearlings and feeders, this is the bull for you.



Lot 23 – Ronelle Park Sunset (RJJS71)

SOLD $6,000

A great front end and well set up in the shoulders. Certainly worth a look. Figures show top 4% for REA.


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